Saturday, May 26, 2012

Attracting Money with Ho'oponopono

As a massage therapist, I thought it would be good to clean on myself when clients come in for a treatment.  Sometimes I clean on them and what they present to me, and sometimes I just go inside and clean on whatever I feel like.  And sometimes I just say 'thank you, I love you', because I don't know what to clean on in the moment, or I'm just lazy.

I had a gentleman in for a massage last week.  I was cleaning on finances at the time, and in my cleaning I thanked my client on the table (by name) and told him that I loved him (in my head of course).  I did that, and also cleaned on money in general, using the tools of the orange juice spa, and hot chocolate, and the usual phrases.  I did this for about an hour.  Well, he came out and he gave me $93 dollar tip!  I was amazed.   I tried it again yesterday with a female client, and she gave me a $40 dollar tip.  Wow.  This way more than I usually get.  I think I will keep on doing this from now on, and just see what happens!

As Dr. Hew Len says, all objects have energy, especially rooms.  So, I talked to my massage room.  It was exhausted!  The poor room had to defend itself and deal with all the emotions and reactions of all the people that came in there for treatments.  So, I thanked the room and sent love to it.  I especially thanked my massage table and appreciated it and loved it.  I think it all helped quite a bit.

Happy cleaning

Thank you
I love you


  1. Hi Nitin
    One good way to clean on finances is to make a list of all the issues you have with money, including your feelings about money, and then clean on each issue and feeling separately by saying the 4 phrases...I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you and I love you' I also recommend the book Return to Zeropoint II by Robert Ray to help you learn to clean. It's listed in my Recommended Reading list page.
    Blessings to you.


  3. Thank you!
    You are helping me a lot. I thought Ho'oponopono didn´t work if you didn´t attend the class.

  4. Ho'oponopono has helped tremendously with my personal relationships and issues at work, but I have still to come to terms with money issues. This helps....Thanks