Thursday, November 08, 2012

Cleaning on my Starbucks coffee

              This is one of my actual local Starbucks outlets on Esplanade in NorthVancouver.    

So, yesterday I decided I wanted to treat myself to a two shot decaf 1% americano misto in a grande cup with one pump of white mocha.  It's quite a mouthful, and I never know quite how to order it efficiently.  So, I decided to clean on it so ensure I ended up with a good coffee and had a good experience. 

So, I said 'I'm cleaning on the misto I'm about to order, dewdrop, dewdrop, Hawaii, Hawaii, gingersnap, blueberries, thank you I love you....etc.    Then, I said 'I'm cleaning on my experience at Starbucks today...dewdrop, dewdrop, thank you I love you.  I did this for a couple of minutes,

So, I entered the store and the lineup went very quickly.  Then this super nice girl asked me for my order....she was great in figuring it out for me.  I was inspired to mention how I wasn't quite sure the best way to order it and how I messed it up in my last order,  and she said to say a double grande, if you want two shots in a grande cup, and that this time the coffee was free because of my last experience!   Wow.....that cleaning sure did the trick!  I'm going to do it every time from now on

Thank you
I love you
Keep cleaning!


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  1. A barista should always be spontaneous. :) I'm glad you enjoyed your Americano Misto with white mocha, Barb. It's one of my favorites in Starbucks too.