Sunday, February 17, 2013

It's our inner state we want to shift

I was reminded of this fact as I was listening to one of Mabel Katz' teleseminars yesterday.  We may think we want our outer circumstances to shift, but its really our inner state that we need to work on. Of course outer circumstances can also shift with Hooponopono, but it's about feeling peace and joy and harmony regardless of what is going on around us.  Perhaps its that state that causes the outer shifts to happen.

I had the perfect example happen to me today.

I was at the gym riding the bike, and this woman was up on the stairclimber behind me.  This woman is extremely annoying in that she is frequently on the bikes and doing arm weights at the same time. Her arms are flailing about with these 5 pound weights in each hand, and since she's beside you, you can see these weights out of the corner of your eye and it feels and looks like they're going to take yourhead off at some point.  It's extremely disconcerting, and distracting.

So, there she was on the stairclimber, and I instantly get annoyed, and trepidatious cause I know she's gonna head for the bikes at some point whilst I'm there.  So, I start cleaning immediately.  Not on her, but on my experience here at the gym, and on my own feelings about what was going on as well.   Within 5 minutes, she heads for the bikes.  Blast!  I start cleaning ferociously, on this situation in general. 

Well, at least she took a bike 2 bikes down from me, which was helpful.  And she did start doing those dumb arm weights again....but oddly she didn't do it as manically as usual.  She took lots of breaks, and she even got involved in TV and seemed to forget.  At the same time, I sort of forgot she was there.  She became almost a non-issue for me.  This has never happened to me before when she was there,

I think the cleaning worked!   It  was half that she didn't do it as much as usual, and half that I just forgot about other words I felt okay about the situation, even though she was still there.


Thank you

I love you


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