Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sensitivity and EMFs

As a highly sensitive person myself, I can attest to the fact that Electromagnetic Frequencies really do affect the body. They can make one feel stressed, anxious, emotional and physically compromised, and often times we don't even know why! Ever felt anything when walking under power towers and lines? Wow! The line itself I can feel as a slight buzzing, but being under the tower itself makes me feel like lightening is hitting my head. It's intense. Often you wouldn't even know that's what it was unless you were aware there were actually power lines there. You'd probably think it was just you. Cell phones, computers, wifi....its all over the place, and its impacting our health all day every day.

Astrologically speaking, sensitives have strong Neptune in their chart. Pisces are known for being the psychic sponges of the zodiac, which is one reason why they are also known for their compassion and caring and empathy. That same sensitivity makes them open channels for other types of energy as well....negative energy. Other people's negative energy for one. Ever feel like other people's drama just drains you? Or, sometimes just being around them makes you feel overwhelmed or stressed. Sometimes its quite insidious, and you just don't feel as up or as happy as you usually do. You've likely absorbed energy from someone around you. And the kicker is, it usually feels like its your own stuff!! This is why most people aren't even aware they're doing it. I always thought it was all mine for most of my life. Nope. It's not me, it's you!

Anyone with any personal planet in strong aspect to Neptune is someone that I would consider to be a sensitive. Or perhaps a Pisces rising, Neptune rising, Neptune on an angle, or even planets in water and planets in water houses, especially the 12th house, or even the water signs of Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. I truly believe there are many sensitive types walking around that don't even know that they're absorbing all this negative influence around them. It took me 40 years to figure it out! It took my mom 70 years! I had an ex-boyfriend who was an empath but he had no clue. He had both Sun and Moon in Scorpio conjunct Neptune. He eventually became a vegetarian because it made him feel better, and he could not stand to see anyone suffering. He always had to try to make it better. Whenever he took other people's energies on, he would self medicate with alcohol and pot. Back then I didn't know he was a sensitive either....I didn't even know I was one, but looking back its all crystal clear.

Of course this is one area that I've been cleaning on constantly.   I think it was Divinity that dropped ths BioElectric Shield into my lap.   I cleaned on it and was inspired to get one.    I wanted something that would protect me from not just harmful EMFs, but also from other people's stress and negativity as well.

Enter, the BioElectric Shield.

Here's what one of them looks like. They also have a gorgeous heart shaped one too.

Wear the BioElectric Shield Powerful Protection from Electromagnetic Radiation, Other People's Energy and Stress

I first knew it worked when I went to the gym and spent half an hour with a good friend of mine who's going through a lot of stuff, and who's energy I always pick up! I didn't pick up anything, and felt amazing the whole time. I could also tell when I went under some power lines and my head didn't feel like it was blowing up. These little babies work!

For me, wearing this feels like it does when I'm walking in nature. I crave my time in the woods, amongst the trees and near water. It gives such a feeling of calm and peace and it physically feels calmer. That's what it feels like when I wear the shield. It sort of brings the forest to me, and it shows me how much EMF has been affecting me....even more than I thought.

In a nutshell , it PROTECTS YOU from cell phones, computers and other electromagnetic radiation by deflecting and redirecting this unhealthy energy. They use Earth Resonance Technology and quantum mechanics to make these little babies.

STRENGTHENS AND REINFORCES your own natural healthy energy field, amplifying your abilities to handle stressful situations and people more easily

BALANCES and ENHANCES your natural energy, improving focus, performance and goal achievement. Balances your system to the level of your DNA and helps to keep your immune system strong

Here's a pic of me wearing it.   Of course I'm still cleaning on all the aspects of being an empath, and on EMFs as well, but in the meantime, this little beauty is doing a beautiful job of protecting me.

Take the test and find out if you're a highly sensitive person here

Find out how the shield can help Empaths here


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