Thursday, March 06, 2014

Cell phone angst and my Ceeport business card

I dropped my cell phone yesterday.  I was walking and it somehow jumped out of my hand and threw itself on the pavement.  (It's an HTC with a purple cover like the one pictured above). That can't be good.  It didn't crack though, so I thought it was okay at the time.  However, as I tried to text with it today, I kept getting this little message that said my SIM card was damaged.  Sigh.  It also would not ring when someone called.  I'm still under warranty, so could go and get it replaced.  However I decided to clean it instead.

I have a Ceeport business card that I use to clean things, and so I just put that on it for a while.  I only had it on there for a couple of hours, and I tried again.

Worked like a charm!  I called my cell and it rang, and I was suddenly able to text as well. Wowee!  Love my Ceeports. 


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