Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Money, Relationships and Finding Your Passion


3 Ho'oponopono Q and A TeleWebcasts - audio plus transcript.

Ho'oponopono Q & A Podcast on Money

We had a wonderful opportunity to clean and answer questions about money and how if we don't have money right now, it's because we are not willing to do what it takes. Wonderful questions and answers about how to clean with credit card debt and how to attract more business. Themes like feeling guilty because things are going well for us! We discussed cleaning for insomnia, health issues, relationships, separation and much more. But specifically, we reminded ourselves about the Power of DETACHMENT. When we let go of what we want and what we don't want, we set ourselves free and miracles just happen!

Ho'oponopono Q & A Podcast on Relationships

  Learn to create peaceful relationships in all areas, including business, family, romantic, and our MOST important relationship, with Yourself, with Divinity and with your Inner Child. Mabel will show you to clean and erase the memories that are blocking you from experiencing the love, happiness, peace and joy that you really want to experience. When you don't forgive you are hurting yourself, not the other person. Stop closing the doors to wonderful opportunities.

Ho'oponopono Q & A Podcast on Finding Your Passion

  If you find yourself lacking motivation or find yourself dreading your job, you probably are not living your passion. Doing the same thing over and over only draws the same results. But how do you find what you're passionate about? Where do you start? How do you find what is right and perfect for you? Opportunities are there for you ALL the time, you just don't see them. Let Mabel clean with you and answer your questions to finding your road to love, happiness, wealth and the life of your dreams.

Do you have questions about how to:
    deal with credit card debt, money problems or the recession?
    how to attract more business?
    handle disagreements or broken relationships?
    cope with health issues, being overweight, anxiety or insomnia?
    deal with tragedies, misfortunes and challenges in your life?
    let go of your feelings of being inadequate and your guilt?
    communicate with family members, coworkers and even animals?
    find which Ho'oponopono techniques work best for your situation?
    how to clean, what to clean, when to clean or why to clean?
    do your cleaning all the time, even with so many distractions?
    work with your inner child?
    talk to the Divinity?

    Mabel's Q & A's are one of the best ways to learn about Ho'oponopono!
    You'll be amazed at how easy it is to clean and let go.

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    Plus, the above includes audio replays of all three Q & A TeleWebcasts


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