Sunday, June 01, 2014

How to clean

I'm no expert on Ho'oponopono (obviously). but I wanted to share what I have learned so far.  When I first started reading about Ho'oponopono I was a little ( a LOT) frustrated about how to actually clean.  Sure, I understood the 4 phrases, but not how and when to apply them, and how do you break down a situation and clean on the different aspects?   Dr. Hew Len was rather vague on the practical side of things....he would always say 'just do it.'.   Which did not help me at all.  I wanted more theory, the whys and the hows.  I eventually read enough books and saw enough videos to get what I needed and to understand, and then my own experiences and results have taught me a lot as well.

Cleaning can be as general and vague as you want it to be, or as specific as you want it to be.   Some people never get specific, they just go through their day saying the 4 phrases over and over 'I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.'  And they say it works for them.

I do that quite often myself, and the one experience that seems to happen quite frequently is that people seem to be drawn to my energy. They just smile at me -  big smiles, - for no reason.  It happens all the time when I'm walking on the Stanley Park Seawall....they just start beaming at me.  What a gift!  It makes me feel so happy inside.

 Often times I will just clean on my experience as I start to do something, like I will say "I'm cleaning on my experience shopping at whole Foods this morning, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you I love you.'   or I'm cleaning on my experience doing whatever I plan to be doing.

Usually though, as you can tell from my posts, I like to get specific.  In one of my favourite books
Return to Zeropoint II, , the author Robert Ray talks about the importance of cleaning on emotions.  It's the missing key in cleaning.  So, I do that a lot.  When I'm frustrated or angry about a situation, I clean on my anger.  I literally just say  ''I'm cleaning on my anger and frustration about (name issue)_____ I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.  Then I throw in a few phrases like Dewdrop, dewdrop, or other phrases that clean, such as Hawaii, ice blue, strawberries etc...   I'll do that for a few minutes.

Sometimes I will get more specific with the wording of the cleaning.  For instance, I may say 'I'm sorry, please forgive me for whatever program I'm running or memory I'm replaying that is causing this (name emotion, condition or situation) ________ in my life now.  Thank you  I love you.

People seemed to often clean on negative things, but what about cleaning on what you want to have happen?  Ho'oponopono isn't really geared that way, because when we clean, we are cleaning away any old memories and programs that are blocking more positive events and so that Divinity can decide what is best and right for us and bring that in.  We don't get to decide the exact end result....our job is just to remain open.   However,  I still wanted to clean on my efforts and get as much help as I could.  So, for a super simple example, I always clean on finding a parking spot.  I say it exactly like that too....I'm cleaning on finding a parking spot on E 13th street,'   It usually works.   Or, for another simple example, last winter I cleaned on finding the perfect pair of winter boots for me.  I cleaned on it a LOT.   "I'm cleaning on finding the perfect pair of winter boots for me, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you I love you.  Or, I'm cleaning on whatever memories that are in me that are making it so difficult to find the right pair of boots for me.  I have really REALLY sensitive and hard to fit feet, with bunions too, and I spent a lot of time looking and trying on boots, and I never did find the right pair.  As it turned out, I never would have worn them anyway, so Divinity was right in the end.   I didn't need them.

This summer I have been cleaning on finding the perfect pair of summer sandals.  This is a really big deal for me, since I have tried on about 1000 pairs and not one pair has been comfortable.   One day, as I was driving to the grocery store, it hit me that I should drive to the The Bay department store right across the street.  Sort of a last minute I did.  It turns out I got there right as the store was opening, and there were not many people in the shoe department.  I found 3 pairs that looked nice, but they only had one pair in my size.  And voila, they fit perfect and felt perfect and were the perfect colour!  I could not believe it.  It was that quiet voice that spoke inside that guided me.  That voice is so quiet sometimes that we don't even hear it.  The voice of inspiration and Divinity  So, I guess Divinity decided that I would indeed need sandals this summer, and yup, I've already worn them every day since I got them. 

So, yes, you can can clean on what you want to have happen, but you also have to keep it neutral.  So, if you really wanted John to ask you out on a date, you could clean on John, and on dating John, or on your fear that John doesn't like you enough to ask you out....or whatever else comes up for you around John.  If John is not for you then nothing will happen.  You might get better results if you cleaned on 'dating the right man for me.'   You could even say "I'm sorry, please forgive me, for whatever programs I'm running or memories I'm replaying that are blocking me from having a happy and healthy relationship, thank you, I love you.  Or, clean on your emotions around dating and relationships, such as frustration that nothing is happening, or your worry about ending up alone,.....there's a lot of things that could come up around that.

Another way to clean is to just thank the situation for being there.  Acceptance, and thanks.  For example, I have bunions that drive me crazy.  So, I clean on my bunions, and then I also say 'thank you memories of bunions.'  i love you bunions, I love you memories of bunions, ice blue, ice blue, thank you I love you.   Clearly my ancestry has memories of bunions, so one must love the memories too.

Sometimes, when a situation is just overwhelming and upsetting, or I don't know even what to clean on, I'll just throw the whole thing up to Divinity and say that I'm cleaning on this whole situation, and then I briefly summarize it, and then say the phrases, and then let Divinity figure it out.   I like the cleaning phrase 'I put a Fleur de Lis on the situation' which is one of Mabel Katz's phrases.  It's asking for peace to come to the situation.

Happy cleaning

Thank you
I love you

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