Saturday, December 20, 2014

My Maui trip and Ho'oponopono

                                         Me lounging on Kaanapali Beach

I just returned from my trip to Maui - the one I won by entering a contest online. I'm sure Ho'oponopono played a big part as I cleaned a lot on my entries.

I also wrote blog post about my Maui trip, which you can read about HERE

I'd not been on a plane in over 12 years, so I was rather nervous.  I was going by myself too, so I only had myself to rely on.  Ho'oponopono was a BIG part of my trip, let me tell you.  I cleaned on every single aspect this trip.  I cleaned on the cab ride to the airport, getting through security, waiting times, my baggage getting through to the right destination, the plane, the pilot, my experience flying.  And when I got there I cleaned on the rental car agency, the rental car line up, finding someone to help me with my bag, the hotel, the hotel room, the hotel grounds.....everything I could think of.

It all went really, REALLY well.  There was one glitch, but we'll get to that in a moment.

I was really nervous about security and them not letting me take my homemade protein bars on to the plane with me.  But it was no problem at all.  I cleaned on it quite a bit of course.  I cleaned on clearing security and it was a breeze - even the wait times both ways was quite fast.  I also cleaned on the rental car pickup as I have never done this before, but I somehow managed to be number 2 in line.  It was super quiet when I got there.  I also got this amazing car.  Here it is parked on Front St. in Lahaina, Maui.

There was even a nice man who offered to help me with my baggage on and off the car rental trolley.

My hotel room was EXACTLY what I had wanted and asked for and cleaned.  It was amazing.

                                                                                        View from my lanai

The plane ride there was a big nerve wracking.  I used to like flying.  I cleaned an awful lot on the plane ride experience and on my seat mates etc.   I was on the aisle (Exit row...yay!)  and there was a woman right beside me in the middle and her husband was on the window seat.  She was a cougher.  I think she might've been sick, or maybe it was just her normal thing, don't know, so at first it really bugged me.  But it turned out fine cause she did not want to talk, and neither did I, so it was good.  I just put in my earbuds and watched the movie and I didn't hear her at all.   Westjet is pretty tight as far as space goes...this is a pic from my seat...tiny aisles.

The glitch happened on the way home.  I had cleaned like a maniac on my seat mate....again, and on my experience flying home.  I ended up beside this man who was in the middle and his grown daughter in the window seat.  He was from Serbia and had a very thick accent and a very, VERY loud voice.  He did not stop talking fro 6 hours straight!!!!  I kid you not.  He was talking 'at me' for the first little bit, but I just needed quiet so I was very nice to them of course, but put my earbuds in to watch the movie.  Unfortunately, his voice was super loud and really carried, so I heard it right through my earbuds.  I thought he may have had to sleep at some point, but nope.  He napped for maybe 10 minutes, and then he and his daughter talked for 6 hours.  They were both quite hyper individuals, and I could see that they were obviously extreme extroverts, but also super hyper.  I cleaned on this, but I did not find peace.

As for the trip as a whole, everything else worked out quite well.  I found that Maui is a very romantic place, and I did end up feeling lonely.  I had cleaned on my trip to Maui, and even though I did not have the most fun trip, I did end up with a healing trip.  It really pointed out to me how much I DO want a partner in my life, and how lonely I really was.

So cleaning on my trip did not guarantee it would be fun (it wasn't), but it sure was an eye opener for me regarding my heart, love and relationships.  Which is exactly what I needed.

As for the loud seat mate, I asked this woman I go to who is a psychic and healer, and it seems that my seat mates on the way home needed my light and energy, more than I needed to have quiet.  I suppose my subconscious agreed to this or it would not have happened.  At first I was quite upset that Ho'oponopono really let me down with this bad flight experience, but I am reminded that the Universe calls the shots.  They needed my energy in some way....who knows why.....and I can get on board with that.  Plus, it also toughened me up.  I did survive through it.

So, my trip was success in terms of my future growth and healing.  And it was a great reminder of how Ho'oponopono really works.  Sometimes things work out as we want, and sometimes things work out in a way that is best for everyone concerned.

I'm sorry
Please Forgive Me
Thank you
I love you


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