Sunday, June 21, 2015

Protesters petition court to allow Ho'oponopono as an alternative to a trial in Hawaii

Mauna Kea is the highest mountain in the Hawaiian Islands and there are observatories at the top.  However, there has been a dispute going on lately where Hawaiians have protested against the development of a brand new huge 30 Meter Telescope. Mauna Kea is considered to be the most sacred land in all of Hawaii.

There are already 13 other telescopes there, but this new telescope is purported to be much bigger and much more powerful. It's planned to be 18 stories tall and take up 5 acres.  61% of the local people are against it. The protesters say they are not against science and technology, but they disagree with how its being forced on them and their sacred land.

Some protesters have been arrested and there has been a trial date set. However, some have now asked that they be allowed to use Ho'oponopono as an alternative to a trial!!!!   This is amazing and wonderful news.

"Nā KOAKUAMAUNA Appear in Court for Third Time
Trial delayed until December 3rd while parties initiate Hoʻoponopono

The Koakuamauna, AKA the Maunakea 31, call upon and invite the following individuals, who represent their respected parties, to participate in Hoʻoponopono: David Ige-Governor of the state of Hawaiʻi, Kekoa Kaluhiwa-Deputy Director of DLNR, David Lassner-President of the University of Hawaiʻi, Donald Strainey-Chancellor at UH Hilo, Stephanie Nagata of the Office of Mauna Kea Management, and Henry Yang-Chairman of TMT International Observatory, LLC.   Trask believes that even the courts recognize that a guilty or not guilty verdict would not get to the heart of the issue between the protectors and the TMT. “It is our sincere hope that all parties involved will see the value in Ho‘oponopono and make the concerted effort to resolve this issue in the most culturally and morally appropriate way.”

Koakuamauna and all parties involved have until August 6 to file with the courts the parameters of the proposed Hoʻoponopono. If the wrongs committed upon Mauna a Wākea and to its protectors cannot be made right, trials for each arrestee will recommence on December 3, 2015.             From Malu Aina blog

You can more about this issue at  Kaulipele's blog.

Update - Construction to resume Wednesday

Sigh.  Too bad.  At least they considered the Ho'oponopono option, but it seems construction is set to go ahead anyway.  Stay updated on this issue at Kaulipele's blog -

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