Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Update - still using Ho'oponopono daily

I had a reader contact me asking if I still practice Ho'oponopono regularly.  I absolutely do!  I use it almost daily, and I have found that it really does make a huge difference in my life.

Just a few days ago I had some anger and resentment at a family member, and was having a hard time dealing with it. I simply started cleaning on my anger. I cleaning on specifically what it was that I was angry about, and resentful about. I was so upset I almost didn't think it would make any difference.  After about 10-15 min of cleaning, I could really feel it. Sometimes its just mind-blowing, the difference you can feel. My anger dissipated, and I was able to converse with this family member and be okay with everything. I felt forgiving towards them.

Cleaning on emotions is one of the most effective ways to clean.  Clean on your fear, your anger, your guilt, etc...and the situation will transform.  If you want to get an indication of how Ho'oponopono actually works, trying cleaning on your emotions. You can get an immediate response, and it then validates to you that it works. Cleaning on situations works too, but it can take ages to get any indication of how it's working.

I also clean every day on my food.  Almost like a blessing.  I use a phrase I learned from Robert Ray's book Return to Zeropoint II.  He uses the phrase, 'I love you, I bless you, I thank you.  So every day before a meal, I use the 4 phrases to clean on the food, and then I always say to the food 'I love you, I bless you, I thank you, and then add, I bless you for the health, well being and comfort and vitality of my body and digestive system. Thank you I love you.  And then I eat knowing that any toxins or lower frequency vibrations in the food are transmuted.

Happy cleaning!

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