About Me

I'm Barb and I live in North Vancouver, BC. Canada.  It was Joe Vitale's book called The Awakening that first got me so excited, and I then went on to read Zero Limits and got the DVDs, and pretty much everything I could get my hands on since then.  How exciting to know that one can indeed change one's life! 

It challenges all the old notions of Law of Attraction though, so I really had to change my thinking.  Now one cleans away all 'the barnacles' of old programming as Dr. Lew Hen says, and then we wait for Divine inspiration to guide us. 

So, I've been practicing Ho'oponopono everyday since January 2012, and yes, I have seen differences.  There isn't a lot out there on the internet about people's experiences as they learn this new way of being, so I thought I'd share mine as I went along.

You can contact me at comfychairastrology@yahoo.ca

Here we go................

Thank you
I love you


  1. Hi, lovely to come across your site, I was looking at a book I am to review and saw your blog link. I am new to hooponopono, just started in March. It feels like something I am going to always use, I would never go do the other techniques anymore. For me it is about surrender and letting go and it is what I need. I would like to follow you but cannot find any follow buttons anywhere, if you are on twitter would be lovely to connect my twitter name is @magichappensxx I also blog on blogger too http://www.kellymartinspeaks.co.uk

    I will be writing my brief experience to hooponopono soon too, look forward to reading more from you.

  2. Hello I wish I could find a way to contact you via email! In any case, I love your blog, I hope you are achieving your goals! I came across it looking for more like my own, http://myhoonoponopono.blogspot.ca/ I just started a couple posts, mainly for myself, so I can keep a record of my own progress. Take a look if your interested I will keep a tab on yours!